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The idea for AOI was born out of the sole reason, to make a difference, help people around us, and spread awareness about homegrown brands among many other things. The aim was to create a diverse platform.

 The Artisans of India is a social enterprise that empowers artisans by promoting and showcasing their traditional skills in a socially responsible way. We believe in using technology to do good and are committed to strengthening ancient craft techniques. We love using our brand to tell meaningful stories that help keep traditions alive.

The AOI Story: Our Story

About Us

We are working with local artisans from all over the country to equip them with the knowledge of the digital world and how they can target a wider range of customers by making this a diverse platform.

The AOI Story: Testimonials

An initiative to connect artisans from different parts of the country on a common platform to improve their quality of life.

Our Mission


We at The Artisans of India, aim to strengthen and revitalize cultural traditions and by encouraging to shop locally. Our goal is for artisans from all over the country to adapt to digitalization.


We believe in empowering and inspiring artisans within indigenous cultures and saving their identity from getting lost in the future.


Through the creation of traditional handmade products, we aim to support local communities and help them achieve financial stability and independence.


The Artisans of India aims to bridge the gap between the online market and the crafts of artisans from indigenous communities and help them reach their target audience.

The AOI Story: Our Mission
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